170 €

inc. VAT

/ Kimono blazer cut, fitted sleeves
/ Upcycled denim & military fabrics 
/ Bandanas & Traditional craft


170 €

inc. VAT

/ Kimono blazer cut, fitted sleeves
/ Upcycled denim, military clothing
/ Bandanas & Traditional craft


A timeless and neo-classic jacket with original designs. The Noragi Overlord jacket displays a blazer cut with fitted sleeves, keeping in mind the traditional Japanese working outfit.

The Kimono style with long sleeves and double pockets gives the jacket a relaxed fit silhouette. Its elegant and high street design fits perfectly with any kind of outfit. The Noragi is worn loose or fitted, bringing style to any piece of clothing from a basic t-shirt to designer wear. Through our sourcing, the Noragi helps reduce textile waste. Each jacket brings a unique experience as each fabric comes from different reclaimed textiles.

Traditional craft

The manufacturing process of the NORAGI is entirely traditional. All vests are designed in Thailand with an eye for detail. They are unique pieces, produced in limited numbers.

Four choices of fabric

Denim Noragi

The denim Noragis are tailored from Levi’s jeans manufactured in the US or in Mexico over the 1980s and 90s. These models free of elastane are known for their capacity to withstand repeated washing and use. The color tones selected for the patterns differ from one model to another, based on three shades of denim: light, dark and black.

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Military Noragi

The pieces used for patching come from American army linen bags and tent canvas. Made out of cotton, the patches are ideal for large patterns. The color tones available vary depending on previous use and washing.

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Indigo Noragi

Some NORAGI are partially dyed in indigo blue. The indigo is often used in Asian traditional crafts. It’s a plant based dye following an ancestral handmade technique. The cotton is 100% organic.

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Lining M65 Noragi

This one is one of our favorites! It is made with vintage linings of M65 US army pants.

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Two types of ORNaMENTS

Bandana patches

The bandanas used for stitching the patterns on the collars, the top of the pockets and the bottom of the sleeves come from the United States. Manufactured and worn in the 1990s, the bandanas are made from 100% organic cotton, without acrylic.

Choice of colours:

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Sashiko patches

Stitches are made visible on the vest as they contribute to its design and appearance, based on the art of Sashiko and the tradition of reinforcing points of wear on clothing.

Choice of colours:

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The Japanese influence

Overlord’s collection draws its inspiration from the Japanese culture. Japanese peasants and workers have worn Noragis for generations. When their jackets wore out, they used to handcraft their clothes using a technique called “sashiko”. The same ancestral technique is being used when stitching the patterns on the collars, sleeves and pockets of the Noragi jackets.

Full vintage patchwork

The Noragi Overlord jackets are made out of garments that are carefully selected and transformed into patchwork. Each piece has been worn previously, owned by men with a different history whether they were workers, fishermen, soldiers, farmers or carpenters. All chosen fabrics are high quality garments that have been discarded to be transformed into new creative trendy clothes.

Saved from waste

35% of the world textile production ends up burned. It’s the second most polluting industry in the world. Overlord uses materials that have already been used. We source our garments like real gold from huge secondhand warehouses. Our primary concern is to select each piece of vintage based on its quality, color and patina. Fabrics are collected, filed and sorted by texture and color, washed and later woven to create a unique and authentic raw material.


Upcycling is a process where pieces of clothing are transformed into new garments of better quality in small series. Overlord follows this model that demands a lot of time and creativity. We strongly defend upcycling to contributes to an overall solution to waste pollution and the standardization that are so prominent in the textile industry.


Through the Universal Foundation for Persons with Disability, chaired by Khun Prayat, OVERLORD partners with garment workshops in Thailand that facilitate the insertion of people with disabilities.

Overlord is proud to contribute to improving the quality of life of workers and their families in a country where people with disabilities do not easily access the employment market.

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